If your website loads slowly, you will lose many visitors because your website or blog is very slow, We all need a great Content Delivery Network to increase the speed of our websites, blogs or any other web content like images, videos etc. It helps in reducing the loading time of the website/blog and hence, improving the user experience.

Let’s cover the Top 10 Best CDN Providers for WordPress for you.

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Here is a list of Top 10 Best CDN Providers for WordPress.

  • 1. MaxCDN


    MaxCDN is a premium CDN service provider which always focuses on offering the quality over the quantity. It can literally decrease the page load speed drastically of any website, once activated and can make the webpages load up instantly. It does offer a free trial for websites falling under the category of consuming at least 15GB of badnwidth in a month.

  • 2. CloudFlare


    CloudFlare is, hands down, the best CDN service for WordPress that is absolutely free. The data centers are located all across the world to serve you the content at blazing fast speed.

  • 3. KeyCDN


    KeyCDN is an easy-to-implement CDN that starts at just $0.04 per GB. They’re the same people beyond plugins like Cache Enabler and the Optimus image optimizer plugin, so KeyCDN works great with both those plugins.

  • 4. Incapsula


    Incapsula provides Application Delivery from the cloud: Global CDN, Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover. It takes 5 minutes to activate the service, and they have a great free plan and a WordPress plugin to get correct IP Address information for comments posted to your site.

  • 5. CDN77


    CDN77 Known for its user-friendly features, it’s a preferred network for non-developers.

Top 10 Best CDN Providers for WordPress Click To Tweet

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Top 10 Best CDN Providers for WordPress 2018
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