Google Adsense is the best online advertisement agency for the web sites and blogs owners. If your are owning web sites or blog by using WordPress then managing Google Adsense is very easier and simpler by using free plugins.

There are lots of plug-ins available for managing adsense on a WordPress site. I have tried many of them and picked top 10 most useful, effective and user friendly plug-ins.

  • 1. Google AdSense

    Google AdSense

    The official AdSense Plugin, written by Google. Provides support for AdSense as well as Webmaster Tools.

    Google AdSense plugin lets you place AdSense ads using a simple point-and-click UI rather than manually inserting snippets yourself. To insert AdSense ads without the plugin would first involve generating the AdSense snippet and then pasting the Adsense snippet into either the text of the site or directly into the PHP. Google automatically determines potential placements for AdSense ads, suggests an initial ad layout, and allows you to lay out ads on your site.

  • 2. Quick Adsense

    Quick Adsense

    Quick Adsense is an Ads management WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post. Besides, it can randomly place the Ads anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting page, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customizable options.

  • 3. Easy Plugin for AdSense

    Easy Plugin for AdSense

    Easy Plugin for AdSense provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. With its full set of features, Easy Plugin for AdSense is perhaps the first plugin to give you a complete solution for everything AdSense-related.

  • 4. Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

    Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

    Google AdSense Plugin creates blocks to display ads on your website. It allows to customize the ads displaying, such as format (text ad, image, text with an image or link), size, color of the elements in the ad block, rounded corners and the ad block position on the website. It provides possibility to make ads unique and original.

  • 5. Ad Inserter

    Ad Inserter

    Ad Inserter is a simple yet powerful solution to insert any code into WordPress. Perfect for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads. Simply enter any HTML/Javascript/PHP code and select where and how you want to display it.

Top 10 Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins
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